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Fred's Well: Fred's Well Highlights

12/23/2015: Current operations are to relocate the storage tanks for Well 3 to the ground level and shorten the flow line to the tanks from the 100's of feet away it's currently at. At the same time start operations to send cameras down wells 4 and 5 to get the video needed to make the next educated operational decision on what to place equipment on.

03/11/2017: Current operations are drilling a well down to the Knox formation  (Named: Fred's Well) which was completed last week. Currently going over options for treatment of the well to stimulate the oil that is found throughout the walls of the well.

10/10/2017: Current operations are sending a camera down Fred's well to check on oil flow. Pull the pump-jack and tripout the tube/rods to fix the clog on the pumps intake valves. Work on funding for the gas-gun technology is underway.